1. What is Project Gigaton? Project Gigaton is a Walmart initiative to inspire suppliers to reduce upstream and downstream (beyond-the-shelf) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the global value chain. The goal of Project Gigaton is to avoid one billon metric tons, or one gigaton, of emissions from the Walmart global value chain by 2030. Read more here.

2. What is the Gigaton PPA? The Gigaton PPA (GPPA), short for Gigaton Power Purchase Agreement, is a signature program under Walmart’s Project Gigaton initiative. The program is designed to accelerate emissions reduction by making renewable energy more attainable for Walmart suppliers, helping them transition to clean energy, reduce their emissions and contribute to Project Gigaton. This program will use an aggregated approach to help Walmart suppliers collectively contract for renewable energy. The GPPA program is a collaboration between Walmart and its advisory service provider Schneider Electric. Read here for program details.

3. What is a PPA? A power purchase agreement (PPA) for renewable energy is generally a long-term contract (typically 10-20 years) between a renewable energy developer and dedicated, creditworthy buyer(s). PPAs enable renewable energy developers to secure financing for new wind or solar projects and allow buyers to lock in predictable electricity pricing from clean energy sources. Read on here for detail.

4. Is this a global program? GPPA is open to all Walmart’s direct suppliers who are already registered for Project Gigaton. At this time, the program is geared towards suppliers with US-based electrical load. However, dependent upon interest, the program may be offered in other geographies in the future.

5. Who is Schneider Electric and what is its role in the GPPA program? Walmart is collaborating with Schneider Electric—who will design, coordinate, and implement the GPPA program. Schneider Electric is one of the world’s leading advisors on corporate renewable energy purchasing, having consulted on more than seven gigawatts of new wind and solar PPAs since 2014—including Walmart’s own projects. As an independent advisor, Schneider Electric focuses on helping corporate clients understand the costs, benefits, risks, and opportunities of all types of renewable energy contracts. Schneider Electric will coordinate GPPA renewable energy project sourcing and provide supplier education and engagement

6. What is Schneider Electric’s NEO Network? The NEO Network is a community of organizations advancing reliable and cost-effective renewable energy and cleantech solutions around the world. The NEO Network simplifies the renewable energy and cleantech buying process by connecting members to trusted experts, viable projects and technologies, and exclusive market intelligence to enable and accelerate transaction decisions. Both an online platform and vibrant global community, the NEO Network provides the ideal environment for hosting the GPPA program. Walmart is an existing NEO Network member, and suppliers who join the GPPA program will have the option to join.

7. Why is it important for my organization to register? Registering for the GPPA enables your organization to explore renewable energy options in a low-pressure way, supported by Walmart and Schneider Electric. By registering, you’ll join a cohort of other suppliers learning about how to use PPAs to secure competitive energy prices, reduce environmental impact, and demonstrate climate leadership.

8. What does the registration process require? Registration is simple. First, click the registration button on this website’s homepage. You will then be redirected to the Project Gigaton portal to enter your supplier credentials. Finally, you’ll complete a brief registration form, after which, a GPPA program member will reach out to you. There is no obligation to participate.

9. Is there a deadline to register? No. Suppliers can register at any time, but we encourage early participation. Those suppliers that register quickly may have first-mover advantages.

10. Do I need to be a Walmart supplier to register? Yes, and be a Project Gigaton supplier. If you are not currently a Project Gigaton supplier, please reach out to your Walmart representative about joining this program.

11. What will I have to do after registration? Once you have registered and been sent your login credentials, you will be able to access the GPPA Education Portal where you will learn more about the program. It is designed to help you assess whether your organization would benefit from participating in a PPA purchase alongside other Walmart suppliers via a buyer’s group. You will also be asked to confidentially share details about your business that will allow Schneider Electric to assess your fit for the program.

12. I have questions. Who can I talk to? Contact the program team via email at gigatonppa@se.com .